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Monday, February 25, 2013

Senior Companion

From: Elder Adam Jensen

Monday, 25 Feb 2013

So this past week...

It seems a little different being Senior Companion, the days end up passing a lot faster and being Senior you have this weird personality or a psychological break that you have to keep working to show off or to be known as a good missionary. Like I mean I am a relaxed missionary that’s kind of goes with the flow, but it definitely clicked in when I became Senior, like I have to be the best I can be.

Well, anyway we have been teaching Camila, and Danile still, but Danile just won’t go to church even though he really wants to be baptized. We are also getting all the money together for the marriage of Simony and Ricardo. It’s 200 reais in the end, but by the 4th we will have all the money and more for the party afterwards. It should be a good time. But this past week we also have some new people that I think will progress very well and seem to be elect people just waiting to follow the path of God. Their names are Junho and Douglas. I am so excited to see everyone we have at the moment progress. Oh and about Daniel and Camila, it seems like they will be staying for about one more month, and the good things is they don’t need to get married before baptism now because they decided that it would be better to live in different houses for the time being. I hope they don’t split up, but it would be easier to get them baptized now living in different houses. This Saturday is Camila´s baptism and the 10th is Daniel’s baptism, and Ricardo will be baptized with his son on the 12th. 

But wow I also noticed that when you’re just working and not worrying too much about numbers or goals that a lot of missionaries do, the blessing of completed goals just comes. maybe with the work you are able to distract yourself. 

I emailed no-one except for you and dad. And yeah I am gonna have to go soon. But I should get mail today and tomorrow or today and the first week of March. I am hoping it is today and tomorrow and also whatever else in the first week of March. I say that we could receive mail tomorrow because the assistants with be in our district meeting tomorrow. I asked them to bring me my mail. I sure hope so. Oh and my trainer Elder Rinaldi is the new assistant. His last transfer on the mission being an assistant to the president, it really means nothing though lol. just means more responsibility that I don’t really want!!
I really don’t need anything but dr.pepper. and maybe mt. dew. Would taste soooo good! I just miss good stuff; people are fat in America...not because we don’t work out. it’s because we know what good food is!! Oh and maybe ranch packets. or sweet baby rays. I don’t know. I don’t need any clothing though. just things that I am able to throw away in the end after using. The small suite case I have is full of things I won’t use on my Mission; I am planning on leaving it at the Bishop’s house here until the end of my mission. lol.

I found out about the new Presidents on Sunday and the new missions opening in Brazil. 
I have been at the LAN house for exactly one hour now. Thank you for being proud of me. But I hope that I will be able to get all the packages then. Thank you so much for sending me stuff.

I love you and thank you for everything, but I have to go now. I love you and I will talk to you next week.


elder adam jensen

p.s. the letter you sent to the bishop’s house arrived, so it only took just over a week!!

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