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Monday, April 22, 2013

A quiet week

Monday 22nd April, 2013 



This past week was interesting....

actually I lied...nothing happened except for a baptism. Isis, the young lady that was baptized was baptized on Saturday the 20th of this month. She was baptized after institute at another chapel in the city. The funny part’s that happened because of this baptism, so the baptism was supposed to happen at 7:30 p.m. but that was the time we showed up there, so we were already late as it is and then we didn’t have time to bring any jump suits, so we were running around trying to find someone who knew where the white jumpsuits were and we had to make the baptismal room all nice and clean and ready for the baptism. I also had to create a meeting plan since I am district leader I can conduct the meeting, but the problem was, is that it was my first time doing it. I was kind of nervous and kind of stuttering a little bit. It kind of sucked, but in the end she was baptized and on Sunday she was confirmed. She seems to be very happy because of this choice she has made. They are a great family and I am eternally grateful for her choice. After the confirmation a woman who was sitting next to us said she was never confirmed and she has been in the church for a long time. So if she really wasn’t confirmed than we will end up baptizing her again. It’s kind of bad to say, but I hope that she wasn’t confirmed lol. I like to baptize people, but it would still be sad if she hasn’t been confirmed because she goes to church every Sunday!

Anyway, but the bad things about this week it that I basically cut all of our investigators, well not cut them, but I am choosing to not teach them. They already know everything but they don’t want to come to church and because of the heat here and the traditions of Brazil, they think that the standard of the church is a joke. I am very discouraged when someone doesn’t want to follow the church even when they know it is true just because they like to wear clothing that would be inappropriate to wear in the United States. We were teaching someone else this past week and she said in her opinion that every church is true because they believe in God, so we said to her that that was her opinion, but we asked in God’s opinion, which church is the only true church on this earth, and she said the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but in the end she still doesn’t want to follow because she thinks her opinion is better than God’s. Ugh stupidness!!!! Also, none of those 14 people I told you about last week will go to church. They only like us as friends, but as missionaries they don’t like us that much!! So it’s kind of one of those things that need to stop. 

I have no idea if Ricardo and Simony got married or baptized but I will call them today to find out. I sure hope that it all happened last Saturday.

I haven’t got any new mail yet or the debit card. I hope that it comes this week. it sure is taking its sweet time. but that was this past week.

Hey but I have to go now. I love you and I will talk to you next week. thank you for everything and don’t forget that mother’s day is coming up: D


elder adam jensen

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