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Monday, September 23, 2013

Itapororoca - A blessed Area

Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2013 10:53:38 -0300
Subject: Re: Good Morning my number one son!!!


Hello Everyone,

So this past week....

We worked pretty hard…haha! We found new people to baptize, and 10 people went to church!!!  6 of the 10 will be baptized next week!!! I am excited!! This area is a very blessed area and has so much work and so much to do. The members really like doing missionary work and they love the missionaries. I hope I don’t fatten up here, I am trying to eat less but the only problem about eating less is that everyone thinks that you don’t like their food they made - it’s like a win- lose situation!  I will buy another suit with my birthday money, but I will never buy a big suit again, they are ugly and they never fit right. I love the slim fit suits and I will always buy slim fit suits - I will lose more weight when I get home. I am still very fat as my normal weight should be 175-180, I am back up to 196lb's!

WE BAPTIZED TWO MORE! I forgot one of the young men’s names, because we call him Tata and the other is Mikaew. They were so excited, but so embarrassed to show everyone what they looked like in their white jumpsuits. The two young men were baptized and it went very well, but it was so loud because everyone was talking - it was so loud and a spiritual experience. I was surprised the Spirit stayed but it was awesome!! Two weeks and already four people! But, during that baptism, it was such a mess but in the end everyone was happy to see them get in the water and truly follow Jesus Christ. The weeks are just getting better and better here.

Last night I decided to have a meeting with the Branch President about callings because almost nobody here has callings and no one knows how to call people or which ones to call, so I told him that I will give a training meeting for everyone and what callings still need to happen or which ones they need in the branch. Like yesterday in church the missionaries, or well me and Elder Loveland teach the Young Men, Gospel Principles and give talks, play the piano and be the conductor - Ridiculous!! Elder Loveland and I are basically running the whole show, but it’s worth it and very tiring on Sundays.

From the package that I got, some of the pop tarts....like half of them were crumbled but I end up eating the pop tarts very fast and got a little sick from them because I ate them way too fast! You don’t need to send pop tarts again or smoked salmon…actually what things are you planning on sending?  I only have four months left so just think of things you think I would like for the last little bit of my mission. :D I would very much be grateful for the package. I will not need any more hot sauce either and in this Christmas package, will the Reese’s Puffs be inside? You might want to send the package soon if it takes too long, then it might be better to not send it.

It’s a great day today! I bought a present for the family and I hope you guys don’t break it when you use it- haha but they are tough. Oh and today I made snickerdoodle cake - it’s delicious, but man does Elder Loveland eat cake!! He has already eaten like a whole fourth of the cake and its only 10 in the morning here, but I have to admit it is delicious! lol!!

Oh and the people that have friended you on FB from here - be Facebook friends with them. I know these people, they are people from the branch here in Itapororoca. But I have to go now. I am sorry that when the internet is a little slow. I love you a lot and I don’t think I need more salmon! :D


elder adam jensen


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