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Monday, December 16, 2013

Less than 30 days left!!

Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 11:58:21 -0200

Hello Everyone

So this past week.....

Nothing happened. We worked and nothing happened. Well we had some people commit to baptism and wanting to go to church, but nobody went to church. We also had a transmission, so it was in the Stake Chapel. I wasn’t too happy that nobody went to church, but what can in do? I just need to keep praying and working.  I can’t stop now. I only have 29 days left, so right now is when in need to work my hardest!!  I was thinking exactly the same thing as you when you said just worry about the mission and think straight!  Everyone here is being nice to me and not wanting to fight with me. They are all like, Oh well he will only be here for a couple weeks. NICE!

My companion is shy and very quiet, but when he needs to speak he does. He likes to joke around when it’s just him and in. He looks like he is from the reservation, but a little darker than the rest of the Indians here. He says he’s not Indian, but I think he doesn’t know if he is or not.

We are in the same area and it’s the same ward, but the area for the Missionaries was divided, so we stay on one side and the other Elders go to the other side of the city. I still see Neide, but she doesn’t really talk to me. I know that she was talking about me with other missionaries, but I don’t really care anymore.  Also, there are no sloths in the trees, they just very small monkeys.

Christmas time, people eat turkey and other food at about midnight on the 24th and then have lunch together on the 25th. Not too many people decorate, but it’s decorated enough to realize that you’re close to Christmas.

I am enjoying the daily letters with the Christmas stories that you sent. The story from yesterday, I had heard the story before, the one about the three trees - except of course I had heard it in Portuguese…lol.  I don’t think someone stole the other package this time, but still no package! I think that tomorrow is our Christmas conference, so maybe I will get it tomorrow. I sure hope so!  If not than I will get it in the beginning of Jan. don’t worry its ok!!

I will Skype from the church building like last time, technically there is a rule that we have to do it in the church building, but not all Missionaries keep this rule.

But I love you a lot and I need to go now. I hope you have a great week and I hope that I will have more to write next week.


elder adam jensen

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